ELITE Home Trainer REAL POWER (83816003)

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ELITE Home Trainer REAL POWER (83816003)
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ELITE Home Trainer REAL POWER (83816003)

Maximum power, slopes up to 20%.
RealPower can simulate slopes up to 20% by transmitting the real sensations of the road race.
Thanks to the wireless interaction with the PC, RealPower allows you to train on a true course scrolling at your speed and recreating the slope in real time, it offers an absolutely realistic road experience.
Pedal on the roads of the champions to beat them in the sprint!
With RealVideo Elite courses you can train like on the road.
Indeed, during training we will see, on the screen of the computer, the path that we are running at the actual speed at which we pedal. In this way by decreasing or increasing the speed, the video will scroll more or less quickly. In addition, depending on the speed, the slope of the segment and the weight of the cyclist, the program is able to calculate and simulate the real resistance that the cyclist would face on the course that the video shows.
Elite video-racing is able to offer a complete simulation because the rider is able to reproduce at home what he sees and feels on the road.
Choose from more than 60 RealVideo, divided by type of difficulty to meet all the needs of a complete and powerful training!
Real Software

The Real Software allows to analyze and visualize all the aspects of the training.
RealVideo *
Training programs
Conconi Test
Training Test
My RealVideo
Web Race
Importing GPS Data
Google Maps

The support in detail:
Roller very stable and safe under any circumstances and under any effort.
Unit of resistance
The resistance unit is the technological heart of this roll. Extraordinary powers (more than 500 Watts already at 15 Km / h) make it possible to correctly simulate slopes up to 20% even at low speeds.
A flywheel with exponential dimensions for a training roller. The moment of inertia (main responsible for the harmony of the pedal stroke) of this wheel is 250% higher than that provided by other rollers already equipped with a large steering wheel.
The increased Elastogel pebble (an exclusive material developed in the Elite Laboratories) where the wheel rests brings advantages from different points of view: it reduces tire wear by 20% and increases silence by 50%.
The material of the pebble is a techno-polymeric compound developed by Elite and tested in the laboratories of the University of Padua.
The exchange of data with other parts of the system is completely wireless (Wireless) and uses the ANT protocol.
The ANT protocol is very safe and robust against interference and allows the use of multiple systems in the same room
The Fast Fixing closure system makes it easy to hook the bike to the stand.
it's easier: closing the automatic lever does not require additional operations.
It is easier: just lower the lever to completely block the bike to the support.
It is faster: with one hand we block / unblock the bike.
The Wireless console on the handlebar allows you to control the software without even getting off the bike.
This is particularly useful during training and allows you to activate / deactivate different types of information during training.
Cadence SensorLess
Thanks to SensorLess technology the roller is able to detect the pace without the need to install a sensor on the bike frame, which makes assembly and disassembly even faster.
Gel Block
The Gel Block is offered with RealPower: an essential accessory for a perfect position on the pedals.
The Gel Block improves your pedal stroke by making the feel of the road. It keeps the horizontal position, just like when you pedal on the road
He keeps the bike always aligned
Traction control in Elastogel guarantees greater stability for the rear wheel
It eliminates any vibration on the handlebar for a more comfortable training.


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